Watermark (markee)


Hello, I need your help!

I am developing a routine to make documents with watermark... Did Aspose has a function to choose a watermark???

Please, it's urgent! Crying



Thank you for considering Aspose.

A watermark is usually a floating image inserted into a header or footer. Please see following to obtain how to insert it into the document:

- the DocumentBuilder.InsertImage method
- the Stamp and Watermark demo project.


Well, I’ve saw the demo class StampAndWatermark.cs, but I don’t need to make a Watermark with an image. The watermark is a text, in diagonal position. Did Aspose has a function to do that?
If not, then I’ll implement a new mehod in my program, that takes a template document (with the watermark) and then with Aspose creates my new document, but I don’t want that!!! (if you don’t understand my question, is why my English is not so good, can you speak in Germany or Portuguese?)



Your English is great. Unfortunately, Aspose.Word does not provide a method to insert a diagonal text.