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Watermarking : Text beneath FloatingBox not visible


I tried watermarking a document just before saving. The problem I experience is that the FloatingBox is always on top and hides the text beneath it. I need the text to be visible (ofc) and tried setting the ZIndex with little succes. I currently fixed the problem by using my old iTextSharp functions but hopefully this can be done in aspose.pdf

[Visual Basic .NET]

Dim watermark1 As FloatingBox = New FloatingBox(200, 100)
watermark1.Border = New BorderInfo(BorderSide.All, 1)
watermark1.Left = 50
watermark1.Top = 250
watermark1.ZIndex = -1
watermark1.BackgroundColor = New Aspose.Pdf.Color(255, 0, 0)


Hello Douwe,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Pdf class in Aspose.Pdf has a property named IsWatermarkOnTop that is used to specify either the watermark is to be displayed over the top of the page or not. Please use

pdf1.IsWatermarkOnTop() = False instead of watermark1.ZIndex = -1.

Let me share some thing related to ZIndex. It is used to sets an int value that indicates the Z-order of the floating box. A floating box with larger ZIndex will be placed over the floating box with smaller ZIndex. In Current scenario you are not using more than one FloatingBox object, so it’s not applicable in current scenario.

Ty it is working now

About Zindex : This was the description in Visual Studio
Public Property Zindex() as Integer
Get or sets a int value that indicates the Z-order of the floatingbox. A floatingbox with larger ZIndex will be placed over the floatingbox with smaller ZIndex. Zindex can be negative. Floatingbox with negative ZIndex will be placed behind the text in the page

That is why I tried it and wondered why it didn’t work


Hello Douwe,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for sharing the information. I have also noticed it in documentation. We will check the issue and will take necessary actions to eliminate confusion.


Thanks for your inquiry.
I have checked the issue. We don’t support ZIndex for watermarks at present. We will support it and give you an update in about three days. Sorry for inconvenience.

Best regards.

									Hi,<br><br>We have published our new release Aspose.Pdf The fix of this issue is included. Please download it <a href="../files/151891/download.aspx">here </a>and give it a try. Thanks.<br><br>Best regards.

i have similer kind of issue, here i am writting the text in header, and this is not visible over floating box


The query is answered over 227720. Please take a look.