Watermarks are not printed

I am using Aspose.Cells v5.3.1

I’m watermarking a workbook using Aspose.Cells (Shapes.AddTextEffect method) before it is printed as described here: http://www.aspose.com/community/forums/276544/watermark-in-aspose-cell-xlsx/showthread.aspx

I am using an XLS and not a XLSX as I note that this is not supported in XSLX yet. Note that using a background image for watermarking does not work at all, either in Excel itself or through Aspose.Cells when printing.

When saving the workbook out as a .xls and opening it, Excel correctly shows and prints the “watermark”. However, when printing through Aspose.Cells (to .tiff images or to a physical printer) the “watermark” is not printed.

Attached is code which demonstrates this. It creates “output.xls” which is the workbook correctly shown with watermarks. It also create several .tiff images (worksheetX.tiff) rendered by Aspose.Cells which does not show the watermarks.

Please can you investigate and advise.


Hi Mike,

I can find the issue as you mentioned by using your sample project. The watermarks are not rendered in the output tiff images. I have logged your issue into our issue tracking system with an id: CELLSNET-25936. We will look into it soon.

Thank you.