Waterstamp in Excel

Does anyone know how to set a waterstamp in a excel file? The waterstamp is a text string.

Please tell me the steps or idea by one of the following methods:

A. useing MS Excel or

B. useing Aspose.Cells



I am not clear about your need. Could you please post a sample file to show your need?

Sorry, I should call it a watermark or stamp. It is just like the stamp function of your company product ASPOSE.PDF.kit.

Please refer the attachment.

I want to put a user infomation on an excel file when a user download this excel file.

This user infomation contains user's name and download-time, and it is showed on the same place(relative to the left-uppper corner) in each sheet.


Hi Charles,

I think you may try to set pagesetup settings like PageSetup.PrintArea for a worksheet and insert your watermark string into the required cell(s) and format the cell(s) related font's attributes using Style object for your need.

Thank you.