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We have an Excel file that Aspose.Excel can't read!


We've recently started to receive an Excel file from a third party company and we'd like to process it using Aspose.Excel (v3.6.1.0.)

On opening the file and reading a cell value, we get array bounds exception. If we open the file with Excel and re-save the file, Aspose.Excel is then able to read the file OK.

Please help! I attach the file in question...


Sample code to reproduce the exception:

static void Main(string[] args)
Excel excel = new Excel(); 
Cell cell1 = excel.Worksheets[0].Cells["A12"];
System.Console.WriteLine("cell is " + cell1.StringValue);

Your 3rd party product creates an extra unneed record in the file. I fixed Aspose.Excel according to your file.

Please try this attached fix.

Thanks, that works great. Will the fix be included in future versions of Aspose.Excel or is it a one-off fix for us?


Hi Andy,

Sure it will be included in the future formal released version.