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Webform- multiple documents

I am evaluating aspose. word. This is my requirement. I have word documents that are stored in SQL server tables as binary data. and I have text data that appears on my webform. I need to stream this text data along with multiple word documents to the client browser as a single word document with page breaks. Can i use Aspose.Word to do this?


It is possible to load documents from a database into Aspose.Word. You just need to get the blob field data, wrap it into a MemoryStream and read Document from the stream.

I’m not exactly sure about what you want to do with the data on your webform. Do you want to insert it into the document in some places? If yes, then it is possible to do using either MailMerge or DocumentBuilder.

Basically you can insert data into the document at merge fields, bookmarks and in other locations.

And yes, it is possible to combine multiple documents into one by copying or moving all sections from one document into another. You can specify that the section starts with a page break so the documents will be separated by page breaks.

Hi Roman,

Thank you very much for the quick respone.

Let me explain to you what I am trying to do here. I have a web form in my application which shows a datagrid and users can upload documents as well as enter text data into a text box through this form. I need to stream all the data on this page along with the multiple documents they uploaded, as a word document to the client browser so that they can print it out.

So Please let me know whether this is feasible with Aspose.word

From what you say it sounds like it’s okay to do with Aspose.Word. Why don’t you try it with evaluation version and let me know if you have specific questions.