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We're seeing PowerPoint export format issue

When upgrading SSRS from 2005 to 2008, we’re now experiencing export issue for the following reports.

  • GSDO Quad Report: Status, Cross Program Risk, Cross-IPT and status on page 2 rather than lower left quadrant. This should only happen if the review note field is too long to be on first page.
  • GSDO Quad Report: Titles should not push content to second page (sporadic on two and three line titles).
  • GSDO Quad Report: Title should be on all pages.
  • GSDO Quad Report: Blank page throughout filtered report (several risks).
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: 5 x 5 matrix should align with right side of legend and is too thin in “Likelihood” and left 1-5 columns/titles.
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: Legend arrows out of box. Image showing export of Production on left and Staging on the right.
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: Report content pushed to second page.
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: Giant fuzzy trend arrows.
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: Escalation and Risk number content sometimes not in boxes. GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: No column titles on page 2. The UI has one table that keeps growing as needed. When exported to a file, it breaks the table up into multiple pages. The tables do not have the page headers. It should behave: Once the first paged is full, a second table appears at the bottom that contains the rest of the risk records, and a user can scroll down this table. When exported to a file, each page has a header.
  • GSDO Dynamic Risk List with PID: Cost column falls off of page 2 and is on alone on a new page.
  • ESD Risk Detail Report: Some minor lines in the Aspose charts not extending as they used to and some parenthesis in the cost scoring shifted, but all the data seems to be there and in the right places. Not a deal breaker.

Hi Steven,

I have observed the incurring issues with specified reports on your end. I request you to please try using Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services 5.0.0 on your end first. If there are still issues then please log them separately by providing RDL along with data source, RPL export of report, generated presentation, generated Tiff/PDF of the reports. We will investigate the issue in light of information shared by you to help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,