What about Row Groupin' and custom cell types?


I really need row groupin' feature as well as custom cell types in my projects.

So, I want to know if these features will be available in march releases?


I mean both desktop and web versions of Aspose.Grid Big Smile [:D]



We will discuss this feature in our team and give the time line soon.



Can you describ your groupin requirement in details here?


Hi, Henry!

Well, I need Excel-like groupings with ui and programmtical possibility to group/ungroup rows/columns

Thank u for your reply!



We will add dropdown list cell type feature in the next version add it will be available in one week. The group feature is complex, and we decide to implement a basic row/column expand/collapse feature within 1-2 months.


Many thanks!

So, I guess 1-2 month is ok with my project.

So, I will wait for your updates.