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What changes and improvements have been made between 2.5 and 10.0

Can you give me a summary about the changes, or significant improvements have been made from version 2.5 to version 10.0? Or any place I can find these information?

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Thank you for your request.
You can find information about what changes are included in one or another release here on this page.
Choose a release, go into it by link. In the table below will be provided necessary information.

Well. But I can only find the changes after the version 4.0.3. Is there any places I can find the changes before the version 4.0.3?



Thank you for your inquiry.
You can see changes in the same way. For example here is the link to the Release 3.3:
Not entirely clear what's wrong? Please could you clarify, you do not have a list of releases?

when I click the release 3.3 link:
It will be redirect to which shows the list of releases.
So the problem is I can not entry one detail release page.


I will gather the changes to you and send you by e-mail. Please wait a bit.


Thanks for your request. I would like to clarify little bit; due to our internal policy, it is not allowed to share versions of products older than one year. That is why you do not have access to view versions older than one year.

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