What is SystemFontsNativeRendering and when to use or not?



Our process requires converting PDF to TIF. We must handle PDFs from any global submitters, thus must handle any language. We’ve had issues with some text rendering garbled or some text not rendering at all.

The latest issue with some text rendering not at all was fixed by setting this value, SystemFontsNativeRendering, to false. What does this setting do? What are the impacts on: Reliability? Conversion performance? Converted size?



We are collecting relative details and will share with you shortly.



Ff SystemFontsNativeRendering Property set to false, original font referred from PDF document is used. If this property set to true, font is created based on most suitable system font applying font metrics of required font.

This property was added to fix some compatibility issues. Presumably, setting this property to true may cause some performance issues if page contains many text strings. This property should not cause any reliability issues or impact on text size.