What versions of Microsoft Word are supported



I need some reference from u.

According to the Aspose.Word documentation, it has been mentioned that Aspose.Words dll(from to 4.0) supports Microsoft Word 97 and higher binary DOC format.

i just want information whether Aspose.Words dll(from to 4.0) supports only Microsoft Word-97 and higher versions or whether it supports the previous versions of Microsoft Word.

Similarly, from which versions of adobe pdf is supported by aspose.pdf dll(from to .

Could u pls reply me as soon as possible.

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I Prabhaharan


Please refer to the following thread


for detailed information about Aspose.Words compatibility with different MS Word versions.

I just want to add that Word 6.0 format is very different from Word'97 and therefore we are not supporting it as well as all previous versions of MS Word format.

Concerning Aspose.Pdf I am not sure so it is better to ask directly on Aspose.Pdf forum.

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