When text is updated with / characters, file cannot be opened in Photoshop


could you please change it so it expects license next to the executable? So I can use it on my machine.



I have not been able to understand your requirements. Can you please elaborate.


when I run the tool it returns error:
Failed to set license. Details: Cannot find license ‘F:\Aspose Work\Aspose.Total.NET.lic’.
I expect that the license is not embedded so I’m asking if the app can be changed to load it from the same folder?



I have observed the details shared by you. It seems that API is not able to locate the license file. I suggest you to please visit this documentation link for possible options to load license in application.


sorry, the application was send by you, has nothing to do with me and reading the documentation



Please accept my apologies for inconvenience on your end. We added the ticket with ID PSDNET-203 based on your following query:

In my last post, we share the sample code as well as suggest you to try using latest Aspose.PSD 19.9 on your end for rectification of above mentioned issue.

If there is any thing else, please feel free to share with us and we will try our best to assist you further.


I have a problem to understand your answer.
You said you fixed the issue - but I can consistently reproduce it on multiple machines when I build the code you provided.
In order to make sure that it’s environment related (even we tested 3 different machines with no luck) I asked if you can send me compiled application which I can run on these problematic machines and see if that will help . Application you sent me doesn’t work and it fails with error missing license - from the error, the app is looking for license on specific drive which doesn’t exist on my machine. I suggested to update the app so I can supply path to our license - but it seems you failed to understand what I’m trying to tell.
What you suggest is next step - as for sure this issue is not fixed.



We are greatly sorry for inconvenience on your end. Can you please share the output that you have achieved using latest suggested code on your end and I will update the issue status with your result in our issue tracking system for further analysis.


This issue seems to be fixed in in 19.10



Thank you for sharing the feedback.