When the image size is big displaying in next page

We are generating a PDF dynamically , we are constructing a table and each cell in the table will have paragraph. These paragraphs might contain images. But when paragraphs with images are not dispaying correctly when the image size is big. We are setting Image Scale property to .75f still image is not fitting in the current page. When images are bigger and cannot fit in the current page we want to move it to the next page. I have tried below option but none of them are working.

1. Setting the paragraph with images as first paragraph so that the image is displayed in next page.

2. Setting the position as paragraph relative to the paragraph which has image.

3. Setting iskeptWithNext=true

Please let us know how to resolve this issue.

Currently we are using aspose.pdf.4.1.

We checked in aspose.pdf.4.5, in this dll also issue are not resolved.

I have also attached the sample PDF with image cropped from the page.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Naresh,

Please take a look over my reply at 254305. In case it does not resolve your problem or you have any further query, please feel free to contact. We apologize for your inconvenience.