Where can i get 32 bit version for total


I’m trying to convert pdf to doc/ppt/xls, and a lot of our customers are using winxp(x86). So i was wondering where can i get 32 bit version for total family?
BTW, how can i convert between char[255] and system::String.

PS: if you have old version, it’s ok. We just want provide our customers who still stay in Win XP. Thanks.



Thank you for contacting support.

Please note that we always recommend latest version of the API because it includes more features and bug fixes. Support is provided based on latest available version so, we are afraid that, using any older or outdated version may not be a better choice. Aspose APIs no more support 32 bit version so our sincere suggestion would be to use latest 64 bit version in any case.

Moreover, you may convert string to char array as under, where you might search such general inquiries over internet because these forums are specific to Aspose APIs.

string temp = "cat";
char tab2[1024];
strcpy(tab2, temp.c_str());

You may also visit this link for further information.


Thanks for your reply.
I know the latest version will be the best.
But what about our customers?
There are a lot of them are usinig WinXP / Win7 which is x86.

Before the best, the available is more important.
Waiting for your solution.



We understand your concerns. However, please be aware that you may face some problem in previous version that would necessarily need a fix. In that case you will not be able to upgrade to newer version as fixes are incorporated in latest version of API. If you still want to make this choice then please try Aspose.PDF for C++ 18.12 or 19.1 which will probably support 32 bit environment.


Thanks, I found it.
How about Aspose.Words / Aspose.Cells / Aspose-Slides.
We payed a lot of money for advertising, so we have to take care of 32 bit environment.



You may please search over NuGet gallery for equivalent version of these APIs as listed below, and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


Thanks very much! I will try it.

BTW: If there are any idera about upgrade of 32 bit. Thanks.


aspose.slides.cpp.18.12.0 still not support 32 bit

PS: I tried all versions in the list. Unfortunately no 32 bit.



We have investigated further and would like to verify that 32 bit version of Aspose.Slides for C++ API was never published but only 64 bit version.



Well. What a pity.
Do you plan to offer an 32 bit version?



We regret to inform you that there are no plans for supporting 32 bit.


Ooh. Then I suggest you stop saling OEM license. Because Unlimited Deployment Locations is not real.



We apologize if above statement caused some confusion for you. The statement does not mean to convey information of system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), but only deployment locations where you can deploy your application in release mode.


Thanks for reply.
Maybe i made a mistake.
In my situation, what should i do to fix the problem?
Buy another .NET version?



We are checking for further details and possible options for you and will get back to you shortly.


Thanks. Waiting for your answer.


Any news? Thanks.



We are currently checking for possibility if we can provide you a 32-bit version of the API. As soon as we reach to some conclusion, we will surely share with you.


Thanks. Waiting for your good news.


Is there any news for 32-bit? Thanks.