Where is the XML documentation?

  1. I have found XML examples here and there in this documentation:

    But I am looking for a list of all tags and all attributes that I can use for each of those tags so that I can get an overview of what I can do with the Aspose XML feature.

    2. For example, I changed the line:

    test xml file


    test xml file

    but got the error:

    Font ‘Arial-Bold’ not found. Please make sure the customer font file is correctly set.

    Why does Arial not have a bold?
    What attribute do I need in the Segment tag to make the arial font bold?
    Where can I look these kinds of issues up?



Dear Edward,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

1. You can find all all tags and all attributes in the XML schema.

2. You can open the XML schema in your IDE, set the namespace to Aspose.Pdf (<Pdf xmlns=“Aspose.Pdf” …>) and then you can get hint when adding new tag or attribute. As for the ‘Arial’ font, since it’s Truetype font, you should use the IsTrueTypeFontBold property to set it to bold. Please refer to TrueType Fonts


The .xsd file works great.

Here’s a tip for others: you can download the free Home version of XMLSpy:

and link your xml and .xsd file to get nice intellisense and tag completion.