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Which units?

When importing from FBX, how do I know which units are in use? Can I set the units for the model?


There is no way to set the units or know about units which are in use. We have logged investigation under the ticket ID THREEDNET-307 in our issue tracking system. We have linked your post to this ticket and will keep you informed regarding any available updates.


In reference to linked ticket ID THREEDNET-307, the FBX file contains the definition of unit scale factor, but not the measurement unit name. The explanation of the unit scale factor depends on the application that reads the file. Aspose.3D API has interface to access this and always assume the unit is meter and treat the unit in FBX file as centimeter, example code:


Scene scene = new Scene("My file.fbx"); 
Console.WriteLine("Unit scale factor = {0}, unit name = {1}", scene.AssetInfo.UnitScaleFactor, scene.AssetInfo.UnitName); 

If the unit defined in FBX model as narrated below, then this code snippet will output the “Unit scale factor = 1, unit name = null”, because the Aspose.3D API converts the original 100cm to 1m, and for FBX file, the UnitName of AssetInfo is always null (because it is not defined in the FBX file).
P: “UnitScaleFactor”, “double”, “Number”, “”,100

Aspose.3D API will not use this value to scale any node or geometries in the scene, this is just used as a meta information.

PS: the linked ticket ID THREEDNET-307 has been closed.