While converting EMLX to PST its property not get maintain

I am going to convert EMLX to PST file.
while converting PST priority and read/ unread property not get maintain, please help me out from the same.

I am using below code to convert EMLX to PST

f_objMailMessage = (MailMessage) p_mailMessageObject;
f_objMapiMessage = MapiMessage.fromMailMessage(f_objMailMessage, f_mapiConversionOption);
if(f_ObjPersonalStorage != null)
f_Inboxfolder = f_ObjPersonalStorage.getRootFolder().getSubFolder(“Mails”);

 if(f_objMapiMessage != null)

Source of EMLX folder :-
EMLX Folder.zip (9.6 KB)


Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

I have tried to convert these EMLX files to PST using Aspose.Email for Java 17.9.0 and a third party control Kernel-EML-To-Pst.exe. It is observed that both the output PST files contain similar READ state for all the mails. Hence Aspose.Email is setting the READ state properly.

On the other hand when priority is observed, it is set low for one mail only by Aspose.Email. However the third party program sets priority for two mails out of three, where one mail is with low priority whereas other one contains high priority. Could you please test the scenario using this third party control and share if you get the expected result or not? Once your feedback is shared, we will log a ticket for not setting the high priority for one of the mail.