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Why does cloning this file crash ppt? Can anyone else open the second file?

When I try to clone a ppt presentation containing this slide the resulting ppt deck crashes when I try to open it. When I remove everything but the title it works. Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Can you open the file below? Try to open it and post your result —>

Please check if you use last hot fix (2.5.7 or 2.5.8).
I cloned slide from your ppt and don’t have any problems with resulting presentation.

I should have mentioned that I’m using the Java version… it works with aspose.powerpoint, but not with aspose.slides (ver. 1.6.8 Latest Java Version). I’m using PPT 2003 SP2 (11.8024.8028).

Tried the exported deck on a couple of colleagues machines with the same results (powerpoint fails). Here is the code I’m using to clone:

Presentation pres = new Presentation(new FileInputStream(new File(“C://Documents and Settings/xxx/My Documents/Sandbox for SVN/PPTOutput2/Bad_Deck.ppt”)));
pres.write(new FileOutputStream(new File(“C://Documents and Settings/xxx/My Documents/Sandbox for SVN/PPTOutput2/export2.ppt”)));

Here’s the exported (ppt crashing) deck:

Well, I’ve updated my PPT 2003 SP2 up to 11.8024.8028, opened your presentation and
don’t have any PowerPoint crashes.
We have similar private thread with another customer. He also use PPT 2003 SP2 but
the main problem is I can’t reproduce it on 2 different computers.

Do you have something like an antivirus scanner on your computer? For example McAfee?

I’m using AVG Anti Virus, as are my colleagues who have encountered the same problem. One of my colleagues is running a non SP2 version and also encountered the problem.

I’d be interested if others reading this thread can open this file:
Post your results, ppt version and anti-virus version, maybe we can track down what’s causing the crash.

Any ideas on what else else we can do to test, Alexey?

I opened the file fine. I use 2003 w/ SP2 and run McAfee VirusScan.

Could you try to open attached file. It’s the same but created with .Net version.

Yes, this one opens with no problem.

UPDATE: When I remove the bullet points, leaving the title and the graphics, my cloned deck works.

ANOTHER UPDATE: When I change the bullet type from square bullets to round, the cloned ppt deck opens. The bullets however show up as odd symbols…basically a bullet with a 10 in it.

Ppt files have special record for storing bullets, vb scripts and some other things.
Antiviruses don’t like something in it. May be there are some bytes which look like a virus.

But if you opened file created with .Net version probably we can try to make workaround.

Please check 1.6.9 hot fix. Now java version works with presentations in the same way like .Net version does.
So I hope presentations will be opened without problems now. Also fixed problem with replacing bullet characters.