Why we can not download zip like we have in the past



Thank you for writing us back. Un-zip the NuGet package, only copy the desired assembly/DLL to local folder and reference it. There is no need for all other assemblies to be copied and referenced.


why then all the dependencies in the nuget packages?



In case of Aspose.BarCode, NuGet package contains ‘lib’ which further contains sub-folders having DLL in them according to .NET versions. Aspose.BarCode has SkiaSharp dependency only for .NET Standard. For details you may visit the Aspose.BarCode NuGet page dependencies section. For regular .NET Framework for Aspose.BarCode, there is no additional dependency.

Similarly you may check NuGet pages for other Aspose components. Furthermore we had shared in previous post that for .NET 4.6 applications, get assemblies from folder /lib/netstandard2.0, instead of /lib/net45 for now. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release of Aspose.BarCode.



The issue (BARCODENET-36898) has been fixed. Please get the latest version of API i.e. Aspose.BarCode for .NET 18.6 and try it at your end.