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Wich dll to use for Aspose.Words for .Net? AuthenticodeSigned or not

Dear all,

I download the last version of Aspose. For Aspose Words I can chose between 2dlls for .NET 3.5:

- one for .NET 3.5 Client Profile
- one for .NET 3.5 Client Profile AuthenticateSigned

which one I need to choose?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thanks for your request. Here is quote form release notes of the first version of Aspose.Words that contained assemblies with and without signatures:

We used to ship all Aspose.Words.dlls signed both with the Aspose's strong key and with an Aspose's Authenticode signature. But several customers have complained and explained to us that .NET is sometimes slow at loading assemblies signed with an Authenticode signature. .NET tries to validate the Authenticode signature and this requires sending one or more requests to the Internet and sometimes gives a noticeable delay. An Authenticode signature gives an additional piece of mind that the assembly has not been tampered with, but it is not always necessary. So we are now shipping Aspose.Words.dlls both signed with Authenticode and not signed. Note the MSI installer is still signed with Authenticode.

If you install Aspose.Words.msi or unpack you will see the new Bin\Authenticode_Signed directory. Pretty much self explanatory. The "default" assemblies that most of you will now use are without Authenticode and stored in the old Bin\net1.1 and Bin\net2.0 directories.

So in your case, I think, you can use assembly without signature.

Best regards,

Thank you for quick answer