Will Aspose2.4 support shapes



Will the present 2.4 support office drawing objects? I mean using the drawing tools given in microsoft office, will there be any issue?

If still unsupported, will there it be supported soon? I tried 2.4 and its better than the previous. I draw simple shapes and its ok. But if i have documents with more complex shapes or tables it does not work.

The attached is a sample document. It has no problem to insert the header footer. But will give error when trying to open the document for amendment



At the moment we are working on the drawing layer and Aspose.Word will get full shapes and other drawing objects support as soon as the layer is finished. Sorry, no comments on any delivery dates.

Currently there could be some problems with floating or grouped objects. In your document, you should minimize usage of the shapes and textboxes containing text; please try to replace your diagrams with images and avoid use of textboxes (put text directly into the document).