Will this type of Report be possible using ASPOSE Word

Dear Sir
We have Export Documentation Sofware which is on ASP.NET web .
At present we are creating reports using Crystal reports but designing it is a great problem .
I wanted to know if this type of reports (check the attachments) can be done using ASPOSE Word or any other Tool you may suggest as It will be easy to design on WORD and get the report in PDF .
Please note that it is multipage report with the Header and Footer information same on all pages with multiple Line items (Test 2.pdf) .


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words. You can use mail merge feature to generate such reports. To achieve this you should create template in MS Word and then fill this template with data using Aspose.Words. Please see the following link to learn more about this feature.
Hope this helps. Please let me know in case of any issues, I will be glad to help you.
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Thanks for a quick reply .
I assume for multiple line items we will have to use REGIONS .
Also can we get Page Numbers like in the report
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Thanks for your request. Yes, you should use mail merge with regions to insert multiple lines in your report.
Regarding page numbers, you can easily achieve this in MS Word. You should just insert PAGE and NUMPAGES fields.
Best regards.