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Windows security login displayed in app hosting apsose.words


Sometimes when I *close* the web form, that is hosting aspose.words, I get the windows securtiy login dialog. All I have to do is cancel the dialog and everything works fine.

Please note that my application is using an impersonated aspnet user. How can I avoid having the login security prompt.

Neil Gorin

Looks like security configuration issue. It is hard to give a qualified answer due to the lack of information.

Please provide the screenshot of the dialog. I will check what could be done. Any additional information you can provide will be helpful.

I am providing you with a screen shot of the login dialog that pops up when I exit the web form that instantiates aspose.words.


Neil Gorin

I am afraid that we need to look at your source code to find the root of the problem. Please attach your source code if it is possible.