Windows Service


I have an application that generates word documents currently on a worksation. I just want to confirm that aspose.words will generate these docs as a windows service on the server.


Aspose.Words works in any .NET application. It can work on a server or on the client - no difference. You are welcome to download and try Apose.Words in evaluation mode.


Great, i ran through the demo Hello World. What i am missing somewhere is how to print the doc in addition to saving it. is this possible?


Printing is not Aspose.Words’ strongest feature yet, but you can try it using the Aspose.Words.Viewer.DocumentRenderer class.


It works great. I will move onto templates, in word i am using this:

doc = New Word.DocumentClass
doc = wd.Documents.Add(ls_Path & "Notice")

I've played with AttachedTemplate in the aspose.document but I'm just not getting it. Once this hurdle is passed I can recommend we switch, almost there :)


What do you want to do with the attached template?


I am just applying a template, it has a few bookmarks in it.


If you need more help, please elaborate. I don’t understand your scenario. Why you need to apply the template and what is that you are trying to achieve.


If you want to create a document based on a .dot template - you should just open the .dot file in Aspose.Words and save it as a doc file:

Document doc = new Document("");

doc.AttachedTemplate = "";


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If you just open a .dot file in Aspose.Words - you have already created a document based on the template. You only need to set Document.AttachedTemplate if you want the document to be really "attached" to the template. Most of the time it is not needed. For example, if you generate a report based on a template and send the report to the user, you don't typically send the original template along. Therefore no point in setting the AttachedTemplate property.

In fact, you don't need to use .dot templates at all. Just use normal .doc files as your input files. When we talk about "template" in Aspose.Words we mean any file you use as input, we do not not mean .dot templates in particular.


This is good, I will test it and make it work. Then I will purchase the product, I think that i can figure out more as I have more time to work with aspose.words. Thanks for your help.


Everything is loooking good! I do have one question about a graphic in the template, i have a logo in the template that is missing when it prints, is this by design until it is licensed?


Currently, printing capabilities of Aspose.Words are somewhat limited. We are going to release a new rendering engine by the end of the year. It will solve a great majority of current rendering problems.

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Does this mean that aspose.words doesn’t print correctly? I noticed that the font was defaulting to Courier but the doc is fine.Can you elaborate on what aspose.words doesn’t have for print rendering?


It renders images, you can see that in the demo documents when rendering them to graphics. It might be that placement for your images is too complex or they are not images at all (WordArt objects?) and therefore they are not renderer.

The best description for the current state of the printing capabilities is here: