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1.Whenever I try to use characters such as 2 in my word template the images become an open square box. Attached is the word doc that i am using this with. The symbols are in the footer

2.When I attempt to use a font that is two words such as Arial Black the font is lost and reverts back to Times new Roman. How do I prevent this from happening


Thank you for considering Aspose.

So what operations are you performing on the template so that the issues occur? For example, I can insert the mentioned characters as well as some text using Arial Black font via DocumentBuilder and the resulting document looks fine.

Are you using the latest version of the component?

Attached is the resulting document when the apose tool
is used.

When I try to use fonts that have 2 names such as
Arial black the font face defaults to Times New Roman.
I also tried Setting the font on some documents and
then proceeded to use mail merge and the font defaults
to Times New Roman
Builder is a document Builder
builder.Font.Name="Arial Black"

I’ve processed your template using Aspose.Word v3.0 and inserted there some Arial Black text using DocumentBuilder. Attached is the resulting document. As you can see, the symbols inside the footer remain unchanged and the inserted text font is indeed Arial Black. So are you using v3.0 as well?

I am using apose 2.5

Please download the latest version of the component.