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WithRegions issues


I’m still having problems with merging using the withregions method. The data does not seem to repeat on the same page. It does repeat but creates a new page for each record. I have created an example doc and webform, where can I send these? It is defentantly something I am doing wrong!



Please send it to You can also send a sample of your data.

In a Word document, the last paragraph mark is special. You cannot even delete it! It is actually end of section, not end of paragraph and therefore when you repeat it it creates multiple sections that by default start from new page.

In your case extra page breaks can be avoided by just adding one extra paragraph break after the repeatable merge region end.

Also you should be careful where you place paragraph breaks inside the region as they all will be repeated. Maybe you don’t need paragraph breaks after the region start field and after the data field thus your region will take one paragraph only, not three.

I’m sending your document fixed as described above back to you.