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WMF conversion problems


Hello all,
we have been using Aspose.Imaging in development to convert WMF/WMF files to PNG or SVG. We have encountered following problems:
1)When converting to SVG some WMF files are not being transformed to vector images (with vectors in SVG code) but instead the conversion generates a SVG file which is simply a wrapper of an image/png;base64. (See image2.wmf). This does not apply to all wmf, which is odd. See for example image27-aspose.svg
2)When converting to SVG Aspose is adding white margins to the SVG picture. Compare provided image2-aspose.svg and image2-wmf2svg.svg
3) Converting to PNG results to poor quality. See image image161-aspose.png

I provided the code that i used to generate the images using licensed Aspose.Imaging 19.1 for Java (also tried older versions)
I also used this open source project to compare results .

I would appreciate your feedback
Dimitris Iakovidis (60.0 KB)



I have observed the issues shared by you and have created following tickets.

An issue with ID IMAGINGJAVA-1198 has been created to resolve the issue.

An issue with ID IMAGINGJAVA-1199 has been created to resolve the issue.

An issue with ID IMAGINGJAVA-1201 has been created to resolve the issue.

We will share the feedback with you as soon as the issues will be fixed.