Word 2003 crash with grouped text boxes



This is a bug report:

I'm using Aspose.Words in an ASP.NET v1.1 environment. We use a word document as a template. Our template has some grouped text boxes.

When we open a word document, edit it with Aspose.Words and send it to the browser, Microsoft Word 2003 crash.

If we do the same without grouping the text boxes, then everything works well.

I have attached a word document, which cause the error (“grouped_textbox.doc”) and an other one, which don’t cause any error (“ungrouped_textbox.doc”).

Thank you,

David Schneider


Document was not actually attached. Please reattach it. Do not use post preview because it somehow prevents the file to be attached.

Also please make sure you are using the latest version of Aspose.Words. Although we do not offer full support for grouped boxes yet, but several fixes were added in last versions to prevent document crash.

Best regards,