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WORD->XML->PDF much slower than manually programming

Hi I wanted to dynamically create a pdf document with a table.

To save me from figuring out the Codes I thoud i’d :

  • make a word document.
  • Open it in Aspose.word
  • Save it as XML
  • BindXML it in Asppose.Pdf
  • Save it to PDF with aspose.pdf

    However the “save” statement turned out to be very slow.

    (100% cpy +/- 5 seconds, which is too long for my website).

    It seems that when I manually code de PDF table it’s much faster.

    Can you tell me where the slowness comes from ? (see attached xml)

  • In my test it takes less than a second to generate the pdf from your xml. Please make sure you are using font map like the following:

    pdf.IsTruetypeFontMapCached = true;
    pdf.TruetypeFontMapPath = @“d:\test”;


    That one worked perfect.