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Word crash after mail merge document with image

I have a document that has an image included in the top right hand corner, the document also contains some merge fields. I populate these fields using Aspose.Word as follows:

string [] strFields = new string[]{"Title", "Forename","Surname","Poll Number"};

object [] objValues = new object[]{"Mr", "Peter", "Jones","1"};



When I then try to open the document Word crashes. Note that, if I remove the image from the document no crash occurs. I presume that the crash occurs because Aspose is trying to insert the Evaluation text where the image is but wanted to confirm that this is the case and that the non-Evaluation version would not do this.


Note that if I add the image to the bottom of the document then, after mail merging with Aspose.Word and then opening with Word, Word does not crash but the Evaluation lines are seen twice. I am using v1.7.8 of Aspose.Word.


If it does not crash when you insert the image at the back, then you probably right, the crash is caused by the evaluation watermark.

It would be nice if you email the document to for examination. Thanks.