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Word crashes on close

From Christian:

Problem with Word crashing on close

I. Open the generated document in web browser, in word application or save
and open later in word.

- Document open ok.
- Document prints ok.
- Document saves to local disk ok.

Problem - If you make a small change to the document and save it, then Word crashes on closing the document. The error message is: Memory could not be read …

Also if you open the document on another computer, you still have the same behaviour.

Earlier I had worse problems. The document would not print, but instead
crash on printing (same error message). The problem might have had something to do
with the image (I think it was office drawing object) in the first page. By removing the image or changing it’s type (paste the image as a ‘picture, jpg’ on Word’s
Paste Special, allowed me to print the document. However I still have the problem
with the crash on close. Even removing the image does not get rid of the crash on
close. So propably this was just another problem unrelated to the I.

I am using the Aspose.word 1.2.1 (date on the dll 10.3.2004). Word version
2000 pro. Developing on Windows xp pro, Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect.

Any ideas?

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the detailed report. I’ve got your document, but can you please send me your original document before processes by Aspose.Word?

There is no fix required in Aspose.Word.

I managed to get around this problem (it worked for another customer before) by creating a new empty document and copying and pasting content of your original document into it.

Now it works fine and Word no longer crashes. I had it crashing exactly as you described.

I did not copy all at once, I copied first page initially and then the rest of the pages. The document slightly lost formatting in some places, but that’s probably due to differences in stylesheets between your and my normal templates.

I’m emailing you the document I’ve recreated. You can use it straight away (but check that I didn’t miss anything to copy) or perform the same series of steps on your machine.

I have exactly the same problem. Documents are generated in Aspose.Word. Users open them in Word and save them (with or without editing). When the document is eventually closed, Word crashes.

The work-around mentioned here is no good, because the system is supposed to automatically generate Word documents; manually copying and pasting content into new documents is simply not an option.

Please find attached an example document that crashes Word.


Thanks for the report. Athough your document doesn’t crash Word for me, I’ve logged the issue. Please check back later.