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Word Document generated causes Mac Word to crash

Our documents created look great and open fine on the Mac, but when printing, causes Word to crash and quit. I've sent the document to


Thanks, we are working on this issue already.

Any estimate on when this can be fixed?

It could take another 2 weeks probably till early October.

Hi Roman, do you have a new completion date for this bug?

Sorry, I’m not replying because I have no other release date. It just needs more work. Please understand this is not a simple fix, it’s a bit of research and experiment. You will get a notice when it’s finished.

That’s not an acceptable answer. You expect me to tell 30% of my users that the reports they’ve paid for won’t work, and that we have no idea when they will work?

How can I help you fix this problem? This could possibly be a trivial problem because the following is used as a workaround:

Our system uses the builder to create a document from a template and sends it via HTTP/MIME to the Mac browser.

Once downloaded, if the user opens the file in Word, it seems to work, however printing or print preview causes Word to crash and “Force Quit” must be used to recover.

If the user simply renames the downloaded file, the problems disappear.

FYI, we set the MIME headers as content type to “application/msword” and the content disposition to “attachment;filename=Report.doc”…

Thanks, we’ll look at this workaround and why it helps.


Basically we are ready to start playing with the Mac issue seriously.

1. I have an iMac here with MS Office 2001 installed.
2. I’ve took the test files generated by Aspose.Word and transferred to the Mac via a cd-rom.
3. I’m opening the and switching to print preview.
4. I have no problems whatsoever.

Some things to consider:

1. You should try latest Aspose.Word 1.9 that’s just been released, maybe it solves the problem.

2. Please confirm when you have the error. Do you have it during print or print preview? Please email your document to

3. I don’t have any printer driver installed. Can you help me to install one because I’m hopeless with macs. Maybe it does print preview differently when there is no printer driver.

4. Can you try to get the file to the Mac in the same way I did. On a PC, burn it onto CD rom to copy to mac. This might be interesting in light of your recent discovery when renaming the file helps to solve the problem.

I’m evaluating .Word and .Pdf for use in a system we’re devloping, and I’ve run into a similar print problem with one major difference: I’m running on a PC with Windows XP and Office 2003.

I can open a template and execute the MailMerge just fine, then save as “.doc”. I open up the doc and manually remove the Evaluation text from the first page, and everything looks OK. I click on the print button, and Word crashes to the desktop.

I have a completely different set of problems with the Pdf module, but I’ve been reading through some other threads and it seems that module is just not really a completed product, and it just won’t work for us any time in the near future.

Please send your original document (before passing through Aspose.Word) to for examination.

Aspose.Pdf is a good product that’s actually been around for longer than Aspose.Word. It’s just difficult to convert DOC files to PDF exactly, but we are constantly improving the conversion process. You can send your files and post the issues that you want resolved in the forums and we will try best we can.

I set you up with an account and directions on how to download the docs - this way you can skip the CD burning. Email me at if you have not received my email. Thanks.

Crash on Mac when print or preview is now fixed in Aspose.Word 1.9.5.