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Word Document Processing

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We need one Word Processing Editor for our existing Content Management System which is in 2.0.

We checked your product for our new requirements.

Requirement scenario:

We have one document with number of pages are 10 and we need to generated three or four pages of html from this word document and its style properly maintain and also if having table of content then its need to be navigate properly.

So , we need this functionality with your product

Requirements are:

· word document can be split and convert into multiple html pages

· style need to maintain properly

· if having table of content then its navigates properly.

· Header and footer show into generated pages.

So, We need this more modifications for our requirement. And with some modifications in your products will be most compatible for our System.

Let us know your inputs for the same.

Your feedback will be key for our milestones.

Thanks in Advance.


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Thanks for your inquiry.

1. MS Word document is flow document and does not contain any information about its layout into lines and pages. So, you cannot determine where page starts or ends and therefore you cannot split your document into pages.

However, if your document consists of multiple Sections you can try splitting it by Sections.

2. Upon converting to HTML, formatting of the Word document content is retained.

3. TOC will work after converting to HTML. But, if you split your document into few documents and each of these documents will be a separate HTML page, TOC will not work. However, you can resolve this on your side by modifying your HTML. For example, you can use regexes to achieve this.

4. Since HTML document is one page document, only primary Header and Footer will be retained after converting document to HTML.

If I understand your requirements correctly, you would like to generate document preview and you would like to use HTML to achieve this. Currently, Aspose.Words supports converting to XPS format. And if you can use Silverlight in your application, you can use this format to show document’s preview. Please follow the link to learn more:

Please let me know in case of any issues, I will be glad to help you.

Best regards.