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Word to PDF Conversion Quality

We’re considering buying ASPOSE.Report to simply take Word2000 Documents and convert them to PDF and add a Note attachment after conversion. Does it matter what Edition version we buy (Basic vs. Corporate) because we will not be generating any PDF doc’s except to add a timestamp Note. For example, a Word2000 Doc with a colored background and highlighted True Font text with an embedded image will be converted using ASPOSE.WORD and it’s output directly used as input into ASPOSE.PDF as in the sample code below.

Will the PDF version look like the original Word2000 Doc? What will be lost? Do you have a known “Not Supported in conversion List” or should we simply assume that the PDF output will look like the original Word2000 document?

Dim mStreamXML As MemoryStream = New MemoryStreamDim xmlDoc As System.Xml.XmlDocument = New System.Xml.XmlDocumentDim objDocument As WORD.Document = New WORD.Document(InPath)objDocument.Save(mStreamXML, WORD.SaveFormat.FormatAsposePdf)xmlDoc.LoadXml(System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(mStreamXML.ToArray()))

Dim objPDF As PDF.Pdf = New PDF.PdfobjPDF.BindXML(xmlDoc, Nothing)

'Add Timestamp Note ( don't care about font for note).

Dim strTimestamp As String = "This document was converted from Word to PDF on " & Now.ToShortDateString & " " & Now.ToLongTimeString

Dim noteAttachment As PDF.Attachment = New PDF.AttachmentDim sec1 As PDF.Section = objPDF.Sections.Add()sec1.Paragraphs.Add(noteAttachment)noteAttachment.AttachmentType = PDF.AttachmentType.NotenoteAttachment.NoteContent = strTimestampnoteAttachment.NoteHeading = "Word2PDF Conversion Timestamp"noteAttachment.IsNoteOpen = True


Thanks for your help!


You need Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf (consider Aspose.Report to save) in Enterprise Edition to produce PDF files.

It is very difficult to achieve exact conversion from DOC to PDF, some document features could be rendered slightly differently, some will be omitted. The list of not supported DOC to PDF features is not yet ready, we are working on it. Also, we are constantly improving the conversion.

I suggest you try evaluation version first and let us know if you find document differences such that you cannot live with. We will try to see if a workaround or an improvement is possible.