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Word to PDF loses text background highlight

Hi Team,

We are in the midst of running some tests before purchasing these products and are running into some stumbling blocks.

Right now the only issue we are encountering is that our Word document (used creating Aspose.Words) has highlighting to some text (also done through Aspose.Words) and the PDF file created useing Aspose.Pdf does not have the highlighting at all.

I was under the impression that Aspose.Pdf supports text highlighting?


Hi Johnny,

Highlighting text is not supported by Aspose.Words during conversion.

Please refer Import/Export Information for the complete list Aspose.Words.Converters.xls.

Thank you for the quick reply!

That's a little unfortunate since we really liked the Aspose.Words template merging.

Is this functionality going to be available in the future? We would have liked to standardize the products we would need to do the tasks we require.


Aspose.Words is going to release a version that will provide many new features including import and export supports. Please contact developers from Aspose.Words team for details.

In Aspose.Pdf, text background for total text paragraph is supported but background for text segments is not supported. We will support it in next release.

Thanks for the update forever! Not to sound too too anxious but are you able to give an ETA? We would much rather stay with one solution provider than to split our task up between yours and another solution provider we have been testing.


Dear Johnny,

We have planed to support this feature in 2 weeks.

This feature has been supported in hotfix 3.2.1.


I'm using Aspose.Words Version 3.4 and Aspose.PDF Version 3.5.6 and when converting a word document to a pdf any text highlighted in the Word document is losing the highlighting in the resultant PDF. Am I missing something? Do I have to specify a setting when converting?

cheers james

Hi James,

Can you please provide the Word document and let us check it?

please find document attached - its not complex though just one sentence with one word highlighted

hi there,

any news on this one yet? - can you replicate it or have i done soemthing wrong :(

apart from spelling “something” wrong just then!!


Sorry for replying to you late. When saving Word to xml, Aspose.Words does not export the highlight info. If the BackgroundColor attribute is add it works.

This is some text this
<Segment FontName=“Times New Roman” FontSize=“12” BackgroundColor=“Yellow”>word
is highlighted.

I have notified the Aspose.Words team to support this feature.

thanks Tommy

I look forward to their reply


Thank you for the request. We'll implement the BackgroundColor attribute in PDF XML export and notify you when it is done. Registered in our defect database as issue #3766.


Hi there,

I know that this problem is not with Aspose.PDF but is due to a missing feature in Aspose.Words, but have you any news regarding this? or should I just submit the question to the Aspose.Words forum?

cheers james


sorry I didn't see Viktors reply until I replied - then I noticed that his reply (and mine) went onto page 2

cheers james

We have released a new version of Aspose.Words that contains a fix for your issue.

The new version of Aspose.Words is available for download from [here](http://www.aspose.com/http://www.aspose.com/Community/Files/51/aspose.words/entry98386.aspx).

Best regards.

You can contact them directly for the progress.