Word to PDF pagination when keep with next has bitmap

The bitmap does not end up in the PDF document when the Word document has a bitmap in one of the paragraphs that is paginated to the next page because the paragraphs are marked with “Keep with Next”.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please attach the document reproducing this behavior to the thread so I could be sure we mean the same. As I can see from your explanation, a paragraph marked with “keep with next” contains an inline shape. And something goes wrong with that shape on the page boundary.
Also let me know whether we have the potential ability to change the source documents that you are converting. If yes then I can try suggesting any easy workarounds.

Thanks for your interest in Aspose products. Could you please attach sample document for testing? (only you and Aspose staff members can download it). We will investigate this and provide you more information. Also please make sure that you are using the latest versions of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf.
Best regards.