Word2Pdf - Content shrinked in PDF file



I have a problem with the layout in a PDF file after generating it out of a word document. The content of the PDF has shrinked by some millimeters towords the center of the page. Not a real problem to me but to corporate design ;-)

What might have gone wrong? The word document is normal A4 format. The fonts are the same.

I use the following versions:



Thanks four ur help.!


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please provide you word document as attchment or directly mail to kevin.zuo@aspose.com.

We will reply to you soon after investigation.


I tested this issue and have seen much difference. Please see the attached image. I zoomed the Word and PDF document to both 100% and snaped the screen. There is only slight defference for the text at right hand.


I know there is only slight difference. But not only on the right hand side, but the complete text has moved a little bit to the center of the page. In total we might talk about a half centimetre, but if corporate design says there has to be a margin of excatly 1 centimeter, but actually there is a margin of 1.5 then you have a problem.

I will try to change the page margins in the pdf-xml file manually in order to reduce the effect.

Thanks once again!