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WordWrap Paragraph

Is it possible to have text wordwrap in a paragraph?

I am pulling variable length string data from a database and some of
the data would need to wordwrap no matter what font size i would pick,
so I am curious to know if there is a way to automatically configure a
paragraph to have the text word wrap.

I checked the Northwind Java Demo, and some of the other demos/documentation and I don’t really see anything to do this.


You can set word wrapping for TextFrame.
Please check TextFrame.isWrapText() and TextFrame.setWrapText() functions.

Hi Alexey,

I tried using these two functions in TextFrame setFitShapeToText(true) and setWrapText(true). Both don’t seem to work or don’t do anything. Can you please suggest an alternative?


In this case please provide example of code with real presentation.