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Workbook protected Question


If Excel file had protected, and we don't have password.

The could not run, Can modify it to read ??

If your file is encrypted with a password, you should provide the password when opening the file.

We don't support the feature to open an encrypted file without a password.


Could you add new function to read an encrypted file ??
We just want to read data from Excel to Database,
But our customer can't provide the password to us.

We will not to change the source Excel file,just read it !

Thanks your help again.

No. We cannot provide this feature for 2 reasons:

1. Decrypting an encrypted file without a password is a huge job. It's similiar to try to login a system without a password.

2. If we provide this feature, users can use our component to read files without passwords. It will cause serious security issues.