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Working with Word in a classic Win32 environment without .NET and JAVA

For performance reasons, we’re looking for OLE Automation alternatives to read and write MS Word Documents.

We’are using Borland Delphi in a Win32 environment. We have seen that you are talking about a product that works with .Net and Java.

Is there a chance to call your components in a traditional win32 environment, without installing the .Net framework?

Thanks in advance

David Obber

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose products.

Aspose.Word is a .NET assembly and therefore needs the .NET Framework installed, but you can call it via the COM interop as described in this article

Thank you.

But what about performances of the Com Interop? Is it a bottleneck as I heard?

You have to try it, we did not do performance tests from COM clients. I hope there is still a chance it will be faster than using Word automation. Even if it is not faster, it will run well on a server whereas MS Word Automation will not.