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Worksheet.Cells.CopyRow not copying DataValidation List


I am using Aspose Cells to copy rows from a template Excel file to a new workbook. In my template, one of the cells in a row contains a DataValidation list (drop down list of choices the user can select).

When I use code like:

worksheetReport.Cells.CopyRow(worksheetTemplate.Cells, curRowTemplate, curRowReport);

the row is copied fine but my cell with the DataValidation list just appears as a normal cell (there is no drop down validation list).

Is there a way I can bring the DataValidation list along with the copy?



Hi Becky,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Currently, Aspose.Cells does not support to copy data validation with Cells.CopyRow API. We have registered your requirement in our issue tracking system with issue id CELLSNET-12192. We will support it soon.

Thank You & Best Regards,

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Please try the attached version. We have supported copying validations in copying row.

Thank you.


This worked great!!

Thank you so much,


Hi Becky,

Hello, You sent me a new DLL that has functionality for using CopyRow(s) to
bring along DataValidation information. This worked great. I have a simple
question. We have a “Site Enterprise Subscription” (Invoice # 090320105317). Can
I just copy this new dll over to our server or do we need to get a new
releasable version with this new functionality and re-install? We just want to
make sure that we are using the licensing correctly and would like the new
functionality of the new dll on our production server. Thank You, Becky
McDermott PhDx Systems. Inc.

Yes, you may just copy the new dll file to the server. You may use this fix (Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.8.1.6) as an official release. It is an intermediate kind of version which is provided as a fix against some bugs or new features/enhancements. Normally, a bug fix version is posted in the support forums. You can use this fix for your requirements as long as you wish; it will behave like an official release. Moreover, it is to be noted here, our next official release would include all the functionality of the previous fixes (including all the intermediate versions till the next official release).

Thank you.