Worksheet Formatting Loss in .Net/IIS8

I’m building a POC using Apose.Cells for our application. It’s fairly simple implementation, an excel document with a bit of formatting, that we’re populating data (using Import Array List).

It seems to work perfectly on my local environment using the evaluation license. However, when we deploy it to our Development server, the data is written to the correct cells in excel but the file losses it’s formatting.

Do you know if this behavior related to us using an evaluation license on a dev instance? Or is this a code issue/bug on our side or with the library? If it’s a license issue we can purchase the license, however if there’s a bug on our side or the library I’d like to have that resolved before we move forward with the purchase.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for providing us some details.

Do you use same code/project and same Aspose.Cells version on both locations (your local machine and server)? Well, I think this may not be an issue using evaluation version of the product (e.g using Aspose.Cells for .NET v17.6 (latest) in evaluation mode without a valid license). I am afraid, we need your application to evaluate your issue properly. Could you create a simple sample project (runnable) using our latest version, i.e., Aspose.Cells for .NET v17.6, zip it and post us here with the sample files (input and output Excel file, etc.) to reproduce the issue on our end, we will check it soon. First we will evaluate your sample code using your sample project if it should be enhanced/changed or needs some tweak. In case, there is a bug on Aspose.Cells part, we will log a ticket for it into our database and try to figure it out to provide you the fix soon.

Thank you.