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Worksheet rename problem in Excel after opening servlet created Workbook

This is a little odd but I can get Excel to show an invalid sheet name error after opening a workbook in IE using the webdemo code.

What I do:

1. Run the webdemo.
2. Open the resulting workbook in my browser (I.E.)
3. Once it is open, I rename one of the tabs to include a space in the name. (Space is valid)
4. Click somewhere on the sheet.
5. Go back and rename the tab to take out the space.
6. Click somewhere in the sheet. Now you should get the invalid sheet name dialog.

If I save the sheet from the browser before doing this (after step 2), I don't get this error.

I am using Cells for Java (a fixed one that I got on a previous problem a couple days ago)
Excel 2003 SP2
IE 6.0.2900 SP2


Hi Steve,

Thank for your report.After looking into this ploblem,we find the problem is caused by the type of submit.We have changed the submit type from "get" to "post".

The attached zip is updated demo project.


When we save file in the browser,the browser will create a temporary file which name is associate with the parameters and values followed by the URL.It will cause this problem occures.

So we suggest you should use "post" submit type in the Web Application.

Hi Warren,

Could you send the source for your fix?

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

We only update the html files and don't update the servlet classes .

The attached fix is the web demo source.