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Worksheet won't open in new version But will open in old version

I just upgraded to the latest "Cells" ( from the old version (v3.8.1.0).

Now the same sheet will not open and throws the following error:

This Excel files contains BIFF7(Excel95 or earlier file format) records.

I did try various formats and still no luck.


Just to verify I did try it with the old version of cells and it did open...

The sheet is attached...

Hi Walt,

Thanks for providing us your template file.

I don't find the problem with the verion attached. Please try the attached version ( I tested it with your template file and it works fine without displaying the error (you have mentioned).

Sample test code:

Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
Worksheet ExcelWorkSheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];
Cells cells = ExcelWorkSheet.Cells;
cells["A2"].PutValue("Hello World!");

Thank you.

I installed the new dll and it did open the file, one time...

The next time I tried I got the same message...

I opened the file with excel OK, it just won't open in code...

I also rebooted and it still throws the error...


Well, I don't find any problem at all i.e., opening / saving the file multiple times.

The next time I tried I got the same message...

What do you mean by this. Could you give us complete details, create a simple console test Application with your sample code and template file(s), zip the project and post it here to reproduce the issue. We will check it soon.

Thank you.

Ok, I split out the code and made a console app which is attached...

>>The behavior and error message is the same...

The goal is convert an excel into a tif...


Thanks for providing the project with the template file.

I have checked your template file i.e.., "cd_exceptions_Jan 28 2008.xls", it indeed has BIFF7 records in it. For confirmation you may open the file into MS Excel 2003 and Click File|Save As... and check the save as type combo box.

Currently, Aspose.Cells only supports BIFF8 or greater format (Excel97 - Excel2007). Where you get this file, if you get it from some third party venders, you may ask to provide it in BIFF8 format. If you want to stick with file format BIFF7, you have to convert it to Excel97 - Excel2003 format yourself first. The procedure is simple:

Open your file in MS Excel (Excel97 - Excel2003) and Save the file As "Microsoft Excel Workbook" and then you may utilize Aspose.Cells to use the file.