Worksheets.AddCopy mess up formula



I get some problems when using worksheets.addcopy. Sometimes formula's complete get messed up. I attached my input and output file.

As you see on sheet 'demo' the formula in Cell C23 ( and others ) gets corrupted. And the formula from A7 get removed. In my project also the formula's in cells A5 and A6 ( and A7) completely get corrupted but I can't reproduce it in my testproject. In my project sheets get copied,moved and /or deleted. Maybe that makes the problem worse, but it has no effect in the testproject.

Code : ( VB.Net on 2.0 )

Dim sFile As String
Dim cXl As Aspose.Cells.Excel
Dim iIndexNew As Integer
Dim iSIndexOrig As Integer

cXl = New Aspose.Cells.Excel
sFile = Me.Server.MapPath("Test3.xlt")
cXl.Open(sFile, FileFormatType.Excel2000)
sFile = Me.Server.MapPath("TestOut.xls")
iSIndexOrig = cXl.Worksheets("No Segments").Index
iIndexNew = cXl.Worksheets.AddCopy(iSIndexOrig)
cXl.Worksheets(iIndexNew).Name = "Demo"
cXl.Save(sFile, FileFormatType.Excel2000)

In the original sheet there is no problem, only in the copy.

I'm using version



Please try this attached fix.


The strings are ok now, but the formula's in A7 - F8 still disappear. And I still got similar errors in my real project ;

(DK42*0.01)/4 changes to (DK42*'0,01'())/4

(DK42*(-0.02))/4 (DK42*(-'0,02'()))/4

which in turn gives errors.

Maybe to mention ; I'am here in Belgium, with local settings Dutch (Belgium), but my decimal symbol setting is overriden with '.' in stead of ','. ( Because I see that 0.02 changes to 0,02 )

But there is only a problem in the copy. The original sheet is ok.



Hi Luc,

This problem is caused by the local setting. Please try this attached fix.

And please change formula "=(A1*-0,02)/4" to "=(A1*(-0,02))/4". Thanks.


Yes, everything works fine now !

By the way ; I tried changing "=(A1*-0,02)/4" to "=(A1*(-0,02))/4" but it had no effect without the fix.

Thanks for the very fast and great support ! ( as usual )



Still a problem ( only in the copy ) ; formula's " = IF(C27<>0; C26/C27;"") "or " =IF(D5<>"";D6+D5;"") " just disappear.




no solution yet for the problem mentioned above ? Just to make sure you didn't miss my message ( because I'm used to getting very fast response from you ). And in fact I'm waiting for it.



Hi Luc,

Please try this attached fix.


Everything seems ok now, as far as I see. But I got an other very strange problem with formula's, even without addcopy. I make a new topic ....



Hello Laurence,

I am affraid I've found another problem concercing formula's and addcopy. And this is in fact a big problem, because it means we can't trust any of our formula's anymore in the copy.

I attached the template, and the problem is with the formula in cells B7 and C7 : it seems that the formula ' =(B1)/100/4 ' is faulty calculated as '=(B1/100)*4 ' ( I know it's not the best way to write B1/100/4 but this was an existing template and I can't check every cell on formula's when upgrading the aplication ). The big problem is that everything seems allright , no message, no invalid formula or so, but the calculation is wrong. When you check the formula in excel, everything looks perfect. The cell value changes as other cells change ( in this case B1 ), but the result is wrong. Only when you edit the formula in excel again, ( without even changing a symbol) the calculation becomes correct. And the problem is only in the copy. The original sheet works without any problem.

For my test I only open the template, add a copy of the sheet, and save again.

I'm still using version, VB.Net, 2.0



This problem is not caused by AddCopy method but formula settings. I fixed this bug in this attached version. Please try it.


First test looks ok.

But when testing with a combobox on the sheet ( because of my combobox problem), ms excel crashes when opening the file. I guess combobox and addcopy doesn't work together ... But not an issue for me now, at the moment we don't use addcopy and controls at the same time.


( I attached the file, with combobox once again )


I will check this AddCopy issue with ComboBox.