Write protect a worksheet


I didn’t found a way to protect(write protect) a worksheet.
Is it possible to do that? How?
I need a quick answer.


Hi, thanks for your consideration.

Now you can create a designer file with sheet-protected. Then you can use Aspose.Excel to read it and put your data.

I will investigate to add an API to enable you to do so.


Yes, it is a solution, but I would like to set the protection from code.
I will use it the way you said for now, but I’d love to set it using the API.
When the new API will have this feature, please reply to this post.

Thank you.



I plan to provide this api in the next month.

Now thanks for your patience.



Thank you



Now you can use Worksheet.Protect to protect a worksheet. Please download


It works.

Thanks for your quick support.