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Write Timephased data in MPX


We are planning to use Aspose.tasks and so were working on the trial version component.I would like to clarify following doubts.

1.I have found that it is possible to write data only in MPX and XML format using aspose.Is it right?

2.Can we read/write timephased data in MPX or XML.I did not find any support for the same in Aspose.tasks namespace/object model.

3.Does Aspose.tasks support MSP 2007?If no,then till when will support start for it?

4.In trial version component,when I used to set start date of task,the year part was set to 2000 even though I set it to 2008.Later I found that it was due to trial version.Can I get a list of such things that may be restricted in trial versions.I found that all the TextN custom fields were not working as expected.Is it due to trial version?

5.Will it be appropriate to use aspose in vb.net or c#.net?

Awaiting your response.


Vivek Gupta


1. Yes, that’s right.
2,3. Next release will have support for 2007 MPP format with timephased data. Also this data will be available in the XML format. MPX format doesn’t support it. All information about new release will be available in our blog as soon as we will publish it.
4. There are no other limitations in the trial version except dates.
6. Sure, you can use it in any .net applications.

thank you for your quick response.

Regarding point 2,does it mean that timephased data is not currently supported for XML also(both read/write) and will be supported in XML for MSP 2007 onwards?

Also will be greatful if you can give me an estimated timeline for the next release.

Currently timephased data is not supported by standard Tasks api but available through Aspose.Tasks.XML.
That means you can directly work with XML and access this data.

I wouldn’t like give estimations for the next release. It’s in development yet and time can be changed.
As I wrote, information about release will be announced in the blog.

so we can access timephased data in XML.But can we also modify timephased data,I mean can we write timephased data to XML using Aspose.Tasks.XML?

Expecting a reply so that we can start working on aspose.

Yes, you can read and write XML with timephased data.
But you should know that XML namespace is standard XML scheme.
There is no any additional logic and you should control everything by yourself.
Find tasks in xml, parse timephased data, create new elements in right format and etc.