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Writing MPP Files

I keep reading that writing the binary MPP is not supported because it is not asked for. Please put me on the the list of those asking for it.

We are looking as many others here seem to be, to open existing or generate new files at the server without having to do automation of MS Project on the server. We need to maintain all properties including which columns are visisble and otehr attributes which the XML format does not support. Additionally whenever an XML file is opened it prompts the user what they want to do. This is unacceptable, so we cannot use the XML format for that reason as well. The users will upload the file to a web page, and at some point after that we need to be able to add tasks, then the will download the updated file, open the file, and work with it, without any additional actions needed on behalf of the users.

Please indicate if there are any new plans or target dates for this. While your product is close to what we need, without this ability it does not perform the function that we need.

If this is not possible are there any other solutions on the market that accomplishes this?