Wrong render pdf in image layout



I’m using Aspose.Pdf.Kit to render pdf pages in image. All images have wrong layout - some letters are right on each other. Also images are black and white. Is this expected behaviour?

Used PdfConverter and PdfViewer. They have produced the same images.


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Could you provide the pdf document in attachment or directly mail to kevin.zuo@aspose.com?

We need to investigate it and give a reply soon.


Thanks for quick reply

Actually this behaviour is on all my tested pdf files. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I used it to show pdf on web page, maybe there some issues.

Test pdf attached.



The layout problem is reproduced on my machine. Our developers will give you an answer after investigating it.


Dear acex,
Thank you for considering Aspose.

PdfConverter and PdfViewer have a lot of restriction and can not render the Pdf file correct now. We are trying to rewrite the parsing engine now and hope it can be released in 3 months.

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Georgie Yuan