Xls2pdf: bug does format the OADate


If a cell has a Date/Time format as its format and then it has a value assigned of an OADate (a integer) when the xls is written when the pdf is generated it has the format string in it instead of the date value.


Excel Cell Format = m/d/yyyy
Excel Cell Value = 38445

xls2pdf Cell Rendered = m/d/yyyy
MS Excel Cell Text = 4/3/2005

I believe, which I am sure your aware of that DateTime.ToAODate and DateTime.FromOADate are available for this conversion.

Hope you guys can get this fixed.

I should mention as a workaround that if you change the date/time by using DateTime.ToAODate and DateTime.FromOADate then assigning a date/time value or date/time string to the cell the output works fine.


Which version are you using? The latest version is v3.0. You can download and try it at http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Excel/Downloads.html.

I tried but didn't find this problem. The attached file is the sample xls file and generated pdf file.

If the problem still occurs in your place, could you please post your sample file and code here? Thank you.